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ALLISS - Alliance Sciences Sociétés

ALLISS, formally established in January 2015, is a cooperation platform that aims to promote and develop cooperation between research institutions, universities and social and socio-economic actors through:

  • an alliance among higher education and research institutions and associations, financial institutions, public administrations, companies and local communities;
  • a high level of confidence of citizens in the role of science and research in our societies;
  • the involvement and mobilization of all actors involved.

It develops its potential by animating the public debate, strengthening the spirit of initiative of social actors, supporting the initiatives of higher education and research institutions, facilitating the crossing of academic and experiential knowledge and accompanying the local community and their public policies.

Controvento is a member of the ALLISS Scientific Committee and collaborates in the working groups "Inter-Mediation Action Research" and "Third Mission of Higher Education".

The next initiative promoted by ALLISS, is the seminar "Third Mission of Higher Education", which is held from the 5th to the 7th April 2017 in Strasbourg.  

Controvento will contribute to the seminar together with the University of Bologna and the Youth Euro-Mediterranean group JIEC - Jeunes Intitiatives et Engagement pour le Climat.

Position paper.

Social expectations towards universities and higher education have been growing for a long time internationally. Our societies are expecting to:


  • Conciliate massive access and success;
  • Articulate research thematics and local actor’s expectations;
  • Create higher involvement in participative research and science;
  • Train students to be performing and committed citizens;
  • Rethink the links between higher education and research organizations, and international excellence.

Lastly, our universities’ colleagues, particularly those for countries in which freedom of thought and expression is reduced, are expecting more exchange and expertise on governance issues. 

The « Third Mission » of Higher Education hasn’t yet found a clear definition. Although there is much experimentation all over the world, it isn’t a core policy.

Strasbourg University together with ALISS would like to open a collective reflection on the objectives, conditions and the definition of this “Third Mission”. We are proposing a first international seminar from the 5th to 7th April 2017.

The seminar will be chaired by Mathieu Schneider, vice president of Strasbourg University, and Lionel Larqué, Head of ALLISS  and will bring ing together actors of the economic, social and academic world.