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EduCare 2020 project "The city as a place of widespread learning"

"The city as a place of widespread learning: space, movement, knowledge, citizenship" is a project of widespread education in the city, which aims to rebuild trust in oneself, others and one's community at the time of Covid-19. It places the child at the centre of a learning process based on body, movement, space and knowledge. It considers the body as a "key to access" and a "complex tool" of knowledge. It proposes cognitively stimulating outdoor motor activities, exploration of space with the body, active and shared construction of knowledge. It stimulates the development of motor activities, the elaboration of mental and spatial maps and the development of psychosocial skills. It encourages a complex reading of the real space, allowing participants to recognize its components and rethink them. It is a route that develops and transforms itself into a citizenship education project along the way. And it responds proactively to the challenges of the health emergency and the restrictive measures imposed by the pandemic.

Project implemented with the contribution of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department for Family Policies.